what do I say but...

Theres alot of "Corys"out there.
Following our swim, at a lake I'm all too familiar with.  Spent many half hour breaks here in the middle of the night.  
She plays in the park, with half dozen other kids..
She comes running over to me BEAMING with a smiles from ear to ear. 
She says "Gramma, she said Uncle Cory"...(referring to one of the girls she was playing with ) as she scans the area as if to be looking for him.
All I could say was "I'm sorry honey, there are alot of people named Cory". 
The smile withered, as she looks at me and says ok, and walks back to the swings. 
I watch her as she plays...standing there on the bridge between forts..looking out at all the people.   So sad, that she remember someone who dismissed her so easily.  Who forgot her existence, much like mine.  I wish we could move on that easily.