so mote it be

My love, my first baby who miracle..I have waited for you every moment of my day.
Cried countless tears, and felt pain so deep that I should be dead. My spirit is crushed my soul has withered. 
I have nothing left. Nothing. So with all that is in me, I must finally let go. 
I said I never would. I grieve the loss of you, living, breathing, existing, without me.  I have to accept your choice.  You've given me no other choice my love.  
My God given luxury, my baby that is proceeded by 4 that we do not know... God gave me you, only for you to be taken. One of many I have lost in my lifetime. 
I hope my baby girl that the life you have chosen brings you the happiness you seek. The answers, the truth. 
You are an amazing women, I am so proud of all that you have become. Even tho I don't know who you are or who you've become. You deserve the world. I hope you find it. 
I really hope you find all that makes you happy. 
I've accepted your decisions. I accept what is.  I have to.
I let you go... I will forever love you till the day I die.