the strongest

Even the strongest of people can have a weak moment. 
Physically, not every strong person will win the competition- there is always someone stronger. 
Emotionally, we can put on the resting bitch face and plow through life achieving, succeeding, winning and breathing and in a moment your hit with sudden sadness and the tears flow. 
So let them flow, acknowledge what you feel, feel it and then dry your tears, clear your mind and forward you go.
Point is dont stay stuck in that moment. Don't allow that moments emotions make you weak for hours or days. Don't let that moment suck the very life from your veins. Dont let whatever it is, whoever it is in that moment that may have brought you to your momentary knees keep you there for more than a minute. 
Cuz you know why...if you - you that person that is crying or sad, heartbroken or shattered, if you meant a hill of beans to the person who created the moment that triggered your emotion...that person would be there to dry that tear, calm that fear, comfort you in your moment. It would not matter how...whether it be a call, a text, a hug or a kiss, a reassuring word..that person would be there in some physical sense. 
If he or she is not, kick his or her ass to the curb and understand your worth because the other person involved in that moment does not. 
You do not settle for scraps of someone's attention. And if that person remotely loved you, if there was an ounce of truth to that phrase lady's and gentlemen- you would not be receiving scraps of attention, scraps of time. You would be a priority oh hell yes, I said a priority. 
So you pick your strong ass up, you dry your tears, and you go crush the world. Cuz you got it, you know it, your say it..I am..... I am worth it....I am valued....I am loved...I am me...and you scream it to the heavens. You claim your MF self and walk it. Talk it. Breath it. 

 hell with anyone else who doesn't see it.