I can't think of a title

Is it  easy knowing I could be potentially hurting someone innocent in their fathers game?...no!. It's not easy knowing kids could at some point stumble across my blog that would tell them of a whole nother life their father has lived not once but twice for sure that I know of. What a shitty way to find out...cuz their father has no balls to tell them himself...no accountablity...take no responsibility for his decisions and choices. 
"would tell them if I chooses to" he says...which means as long as he can keep it secret he will. I theorized why that is in earlier posts. I still believe that to be so. 

I'm not obligated to keep his secrets. Not a single one of them. It's not my point to destroy this dude....he has done that well enough on his own without my help from me. It's not my goal to expose him, or to seek revenge or any of that immature bs. I am the voice of every "other women" out there...saying...Your not alone.  You are worth it, you are enough, let no man take that from you.

Set standards. Have rules...and I'd dude can't meet them...kick him to the curb. Don't wait and waist time like I did...hoping dude would change and see the light...it's pointless ladies.  Kick his ass to the curb and walk away with both middle fingers in the air! Dudes a player and he is playing you as long as you allow him to. 

Don't fall for the "I need you to be a part of my life" ummm hello...he just needs your vjay. He could give two shits about the rest of you

Don't believe me? Check out the research. If research is not your thing, look at you tube or Google it. If you then don't see the signs or refuse to acknowledge whatever signs, you're in trouble. And you'll be stuck there until you have been hurt so many times that at some point you'll finally have had enough and leave or sadly, fall to the epitamy of darkness.  You won't like it there >i promise.

You have to protect your body, your mind, your peace. There are energy sucking vampires everywhere you go....life sucking vampires that steal your soul too....you can leave, you will survive, you will be better once you go though all the phases. Be patient with yourself.