It no longer works...


Have you ever been out and about just doing your thing and some stranger approaches you - perhaps complementing - your hair, your cloths, you piercings or tattoos... as if innocently, yet the person complimenting you know you - but you don't know her.. weird how that happens.  Hasn't happened to me personally, but it has happened to my daughter.

My daughter and I get compliments often.  As we have piercings and tattoos..I don't mind - usually. Until its someone perhaps being boldly deceitful.  Kinda like "someone" intentionally following you into a store or drive by your house looking for someone...weird stuff like that. That I used to mind - tho it doesn't bother me anymore. Follow me - look all you want - nothing to see. Oh right, there never was anything to see.  Silly me.

I shop rather local, typical big chain stores.  Go to the local theaters, local parts and hardware stores, sometimes to the mall for something to do...many times - I have seen a million faces.  

Sure I recognize a few standing in line with me..interesting how many time's one can flip her hair while unloading the cart.  Or laugh that cute laugh with friends as they impatiently wait. That surprised bump into as we exit/enter the public bathroom - with a giggle and an "excuse me" as our eyes meet and my little one says her name...never once have I approached these strangers- strangers I know so well. Eye contact as she giggles while looking around- sure. Thats as close as it gets.

If my game was to be vendictive,  malicous, or deceitful that would have been accomplished long ago. The opportunity to have done so is plenty. I could have shared the entire life story in a theater bathroom. In an isle at the store.  Instead I remained quiet.  

That's fair. Unlike that person you call someone.

Decent conversations you can't hold because I no longer do as I am told...your manipulation and play on my emotions with words of guilt no longer work. 

Never again...