honesty is the best policy

So we've all heard "honesty is the best policy".. first time- probably from our parents. 

My Mom always said, gtell me the truth no matter how much it hurts, and I will go easy on you. She was always honest, so was I.  No matter how much it hurt or for how long I may be in trouble after the fact. Which was never long.  Disappointing her was punishment enough. While as I kid, I didn't tell her everything - I never out right lied to her face...

So I get this email:
Way back you asked me to leave you alone. (Not my exact wording)  I’ve been doing that since that day because you threatened to send a flash drive to a person (thats what he calls his wife) and/or a restraining order towards me (that I explained in the email I never sent her - that  I would not do- cuz it could affect his job).  So I’ve been following the very thing you asked for. ( Remember because he finally confirmed - in an email- what I had be expecting all along...I was just a POA)  Yes I wanted to say hi to you back in L&M that early November day. I just couldn’t. (Too busy looking down at the floor)
No matter what happened between us I would not start or share our history in a blog. (because Im his dirty little secret that he doesn't want anyone to know about) You to have my name, a picture of my car and the history of me.( Do you notice its all about him? ) Sooner or later my kid or kids are gonna see that, and it should be up to me to tell them that history if I choose to. (If he chooses to - umm well Honey - you better get gettin honest, cuz I aint taking down a blog and domain I have bought and paid for, kinda like all the therapy costs - thanks to you)  My relationship with them could be destroyed because of something they could read. (No honey, it will be destroyed because of something YOU did, YOU chose to do AGAIN.. with me and how many other women). 

I beg you…please remove the the blog.  Ummm NO! This is my space to do with as I wish. I am using this space as a form of support for other people in my same circumstances...as hopefully an example of what NOT TO DO..among a very long list of other things.

Do yourself a favor - start being honest and be accountable for your actions.

Yeah, Park Point...the picture I couldn't use on social media...hmmm Cuzzz WhyYyYy? Cuz someone might see it - already way back then...
This isn't my secret anymore. I have nothing to hide. I was proud to be yours..then.