As one ages, birthdays either become less or less of a big deal..OR they become a big deal.
I personally have never had the big deal birthdays which is fine. Not a fan.  I'm not all about me kind of person.  However I love throwing someone else a birthday party...
A dream I had today...
I can’t remember parts of it so it won't make sense.  Like most dreams...
I am at home, Joseph had flown in from Arizona. Tired from flying he was hansomely dozing on my couch. Meanwhile I was busy getting ready for a birthday party. (It was pretty fancy...imagine that.)
Next we are at the party. 
I'm walking around as if to be looking for someone in someone's house.  Can't place it, I dont recall ever being in this house... it was as if to be someone's grandmas house. 
I find the person I was looking for... happily talking with other people, group of men to be exact, in suits. There were alot of people in this house!
She looks at me and smiles as I approach, I ask, can I talk with you for a moment. She says yah sure and we go into another room with less people. 
So keep in mind, this was a day time party. House was very well lit with sunshine. In vivid color. 
This gal that I wanted to speak with..she is tall, very thin, blonde ish hair, at the time parted on the side, curled/styled with a curling iron. Length of hair just below her shoulders...almost the 40's, 40's style.  She had green eyes and beautiful perfect white teeth.  Her dress was old fashioned too...a lite green color. Gonna say she was about 40-45 years old.
Anyway she and I went into another brightly lit with sunshine room and began talking.  I said specifically, "I dont want there to be anything bad between us" the conversation is muted but I know we began talking about when I was in a relationship with Capt. 
I can recall specifically saying "when he and I were together".. and laughter.  This women is his either his new girl friend or bride to be. 
We were all celebrating his birthday. April 24th. 
I never did see him in the crowd of people in this house.  Typical tho, he dodges me anytime we may be in the same place in public - in real life. So thats what I'd expect in a dream too.  
Next I'm sitting on a couch with Joseph all nestled up next to him and with this same gal on my daughter's house. All cozy just talking and laughing.  
I cant hear what we are talking about but we are happy.  
As Joseph is getting up from this very soft fluffy Grey colored couch, he leans in and kisses me and says something I can't hear..
All I could think in the dream was everyone just saw that man kiss me! It was a happy moment. 
I could feel his beard, the warmth of his body as we sat close. His soft gentle lips as they touched mine.  
Then I woke up. 
I try not to over analyze dreams too can interpret it in so many ways with various meanings for everything. 

This one however, is crystal clear.  

Happy Birthday Capt.