the day has come

I would have never guessed in a million years the day would come in which my own child would say I don't want to have contact with you anymore.. Sadder yet to actually hearing it from someone else- my child's girlfriend. Makes me wonder what horror stories these people have heard and think are true about her family.
 The day you realize when you try to reach out to your child - yo find the phone is been shut off only to discover that the bill is outstanding. I offered to pay it so she would have phone service again only to be told I want no contact with you.
 The crazy thing about this whole thing is - I was supposedly told this - that it was all information I already knew! Well, I wish I knew when I knew the information I was supposed to know. 
I didn't get it in a text and it certainly was not told to me in a phone call so I'm not sure when I was enlightened in the expectation of me knowing I'm not supposed to contact my own daughter.
Must be a new ESP kind of thing with the millennials. 
So I was told that if she wants to get ahold of me she has my contact information.  And that if I continue it will be on record and they will press charges for harassment. I guess it's a bad thing that when you can't get ahold of your kid on the phone you look up on Facebook or online to see how you can contact him or her- because yes freaking out and worrying is not thing to do anymore.  Without being able to get much of a word in edge wise I couldn't even talk to my daughter Ashley wouldn't allow it.  These are people who are 30 plus years old. I felt like I was having a conversation with 16 year olds. Is this what the world has come to?
At the end of the conversation I apologized and was told that I was not sorry. 
This Ashley girl that I talked to has only heard one side of a story a girlfriend said at the story Has only heard one side of a story her girlfriend said it was story. I'm just fine I suppose not that mine would make any difference.  I'd sure so I'd like to know what I did wrong. I reckon I don't never happen. Only thing I gained today is knowing my place. And it is obvious she does not want me in her life.
 And beware when you get into an Uber in Farmington New York with a girl named Ashley, She'll tune you up if you think she needs to.  I guess everybody needs a hero.