Ice Queen

I love the beauty of Winter. Makes me feel like the "Ice Queen" I am called. Cold, yet beautiful. White and Pure, pure as the love I once felt. Soft like a place I once had in the depths of my heart. Sparkles like diamonds in the ring in the box at her bedside.  Cold and beautiful.

Snow blankets the Earth as if she hibernates, resting for the summer to come. Catching up on months of beauty sleep for the work that has yet to have begun.  And oh if you sit and just let it all sink in, in the stillness of the morning light, her beauty come summer is as beautiful as winter. Summer may bring you green grass and flowers of all colors, yet Winter brings every spectrum of color. You just have to look for it.

We complain about being cold, our cars being cold, perhaps our fingers and our toes too. How often do we take a moment to watch the snow fall? When was the last time you allowed a snowflake to fall to your face? When did you make your last snow angel? Or snow ball? Snowman?  Have you ever skated on frozen water? Felt the smooth ice beneath your skate, beneath your body because you have fallen? Its not just cold, but full of  Feel it.  Become one with it. 

Does a snowflake make noise when it lands? Have you ever noticed no two snowflakes are alike? Have you ever looked? Have you ever sat to let them collect on your mit? One might think they are 2D, they're not, they are three dimensional - 4 if you include time. Gods master piece. So mote it shall be.

Ice - the formation of ice..the cystals are pure art. Have you watched the frost form on your windshield? Or perhaps your living room window?  The design is perfection. Ice is water frozen for a moment in time. A snowflake - a drop of water, fractalated into a beautiful sculpture of a moment... have you ever taken the time?

If you have not seen the 4th dimension of a snowflake, not played "with" the water of a stream, danced in the rain, then you have not felt the peace of life that perhaps I have.