Does she know you call her "someone"?

 Its been a bit since I have posted... I know. Sometimes yah just gotta feel up to it.

My RANT for today is...what is there in a name..

Have you ever found out that your significant other calls you something other than your name?  As an example - I asked my ex husbnd one day - Who was here?  He said "no one".  My reply was..does she know you call her "no one"?

 So to my X lover - Does she your "wife",the "mother of your children" - know you call her "someone"?

 Any name or title or word but her own parent given, marriage given name- she's resorted to a "someone"? Does she know you refer to her as "someone"?    When the phone rings do you say "hey someone youre wanted on the phone?"

What do you refer to me by?  Do you call me by my name or do you refer to me as an it, a her, a you refer to me by my name, by my title - your x? 

Just so you know - I refer to you as my X - followed by your NAME.... I have nothing to hide. 

I say it like I know it, like I experienced it, like it was from my perspective, I will not run from it, I will face it head on. More importantly I will no longer lie for you to cover your reputation, your golden boy image. When  someone asks me if the rumors are true I will admit it, apologize for lying - to cover up for you. 

As a friend would say - by saying something other than your name or her name - "it insinuates something to hide, it appropriates behavior that was or desires to be devious and semblance to as understanding that guilt is involved"....Brandon<3

While I have nothing to hide, you do. Good luck with that,  let me know how it works out for you in your "all good things end".