There are times she feels so alone, yet there are people all around her 
Trying to do this thing called living while feeling like she is dying inside with each sensation in her chest.
Aimlessly she wanders and roams, no direction, no purpose. 
A path that's rocky and unforgiving, full of judgement and hate 

There are times she wants to quit, lay down and just sleep the eternal sleep. Drink till the beat within her finally fades. Hurts one last time. 
She's trying so hard to rid her depression, but how can she when there is a constant reminder.
It isn't easy she must admit 
Sometimes she feels it's her only possession, the only thing that still connects her to him.

She is so comfortable feeling this way its familiar place to be, sometimes she would rather stay in the dark, instead of free. There is less pain in the dark where she cannot see 

Some people just don't understand- when you've been through trauma and pain
It doesn't matter who holds your hand things will never be the same. Perhaps they shouldn't ever be the same. There are just somethings that can't be replaced.