the greatest books ever

The greatest books I have ever read - while letting go and moving on from a really bad relationship.

Amazing books that really got me through some really rough times after ending a relationship with a man I gave way too much time to.
I used these books in therapy as a way to journal my thoughts.  To finally get everything that was going thru my mind - on paper and so to say...out of my head. It really helped in processing the grief that I was going through. Also helped in seeing was as though when my thoughts were on paper, I could be more objective in understanding what it was that I was feeling.  

One book that is not pictured here is Eckhart Tolle's book The Power of Now, a guide to spiritual enlightenment.   That was the first book I used to journal.  I literally wrote in the book and on post it notes. I later gave that book to Capt. Another book is ashes of her love.  I journaled all through that book as well...and gave it to him after I was done.  So if your going to try out my method of getting stuff out of your head and onto paper - buy two copies - one for you, and one for the CODC you may want to give it to.
Have a great day and Happy Writing.